Swimming Pools & Spas

Dick's Pumping Service will create a personalised swimming pool design specific to your yard, needs and expectations. Each swimming pool is designed from scratch to ensure it meets your yard's layout and your exact specifications.

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Check out our 7-step pool design and building process below:

1. Custom Design

Your pool design will be personalised to suit your property, needs and expectations. Whether you are after a large concrete pool big enough for the whole family, or something small for personal use, we have got you covered.

2. Mark Out

This is when you get to see your design come to life. We will ensure the size and shape is exactly what you are looking for, before commencing to the next step.

3. Dig Hole

Our team of pool builders will then start digging the hole in preparation for your pool. We ensure everything meets your local council regulations and the pool is to your desired depth and dimensions.

4. Steel

To ensure your pool is going to last the test of time with minimal need for repairs, we reinforce your pool with steel before pumping the concrete.

5. Spray Concrete

Your pool is nearly complete! Spraying your pool lining with Australian Standard concrete, we then cure the shell before moving onto the finishing touches.

6. Tiling

Using the tiles you choose in the custom design process, we take the time to professionally lay and secure the tiles throughout the pool, as well as an internal tile band if desired.

7. Filtration

To finish, we will install high-quality pool pumps and a chlorinator.

What Happens Next?

Once your pool fencing has been installed, your pool will be ready to fill.